Find your Rojgaar in every Indian city.
Many Recruiters are available to hire and provide Rojgaar, Find them in 3 easy steps.

Easy Registration

My Rojgaar app is very easy to use, anyone with simple understanding can register with us in 3 easy steps

Realtime Notification

We let our user know about new jobs in realtime, as soon as a job is created we send ping notification to suitable person in that area.

Best suggestions

We have developed algorithms with advanced AI that provides best customised results for business partners as well as job seekers.


Make In India

MyRojgaar firmly believes in India first. A platform for Indians, by Indians.
Designed and Developed In India

All Major Categories

My Rojgaar app provides a job in mainly every field.
Electrician, Plumber, Factory Worker, Construction Labour etc.

Rojgaar in every city

My Rojgaar is for finding jobs or we can say Rojgaar in all over India.
Find jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Gujrat etc.

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2-minute easy registration, available in multiple Indian languages

Find Matching Jobs near You

Designed for both Recruiter and Seeker. Easy to use for Unskilled and Semi-skilled Labour. Find Suitable Rojgar at your nearest place.
Provides facility to add multiple skills and locations, So you don't have to wait.

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Find Labour, factory worker, Electrician, Plumber, Field Labour, Security guard near your home/office.
Users from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Surat, Pune and Pan India.